March 29

Pocket Felt Super Hero Owls


What’s better than tiny felt owls? Superhero owls. What could be better than that? Batman and Robin as superhero owls.  Etsy seller Tiny Felts has owls in a variety of colors and designs and welcomes custom orders.  Perhaps you’d like to request, a clown owl of crime to face off our dynamic duo.  She also has options for customizing your owls. Super-owl, Spider-owl, Green Lant-owl, this could be a lot of fun.

August 22

Mini Papercraft, Maxi Cool

Have you ever wanted to make an adorable mini papercraft version of…anything cool? Ever? Well, Gus Santome probably has you covered. She-Ra? Check! Batman? Yep! R2-D2? Indubitably!

Seriously, these are crazy cute. I haven’t tried to make any yet (partially because I already have too many knickknacks and gewgaws), but I could use a bit more flair on my desk at work…. Project!

June 16

Well, hello beautiful.

What can I say? Heath Ledger won my heart very early on in his acting career in the U.S. From “A Knight’s Tale” through to “The Dark Knight”, his name pulled me to the theaters time and again.

I found this afghan on Craftster and my heart just melted. Not only is it is very well done and a labor of love, but it’s a great tribute to his life, his work,  and his impact on our movie industry.

Pesky Pixie! Thank you for creating this beautiful afghan!

The Joker – Heath Ledger afghan – CROCHET.